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Fun DIY Headboards to Spice Up Your Room

Is your bed looking a little to plain? Are you desperate for new room decor? Well you came to the right article! Maybe you haven’t gotten the exact “look” for your room yet. This article will be explaining three easy DIYs (do it yourself) on how to craft amazing, wooden head boards that’ll allow any room to POP! Crafting these head boards will fit any style you may have, and compliment any room! All three of these head boards are very easy and quick to make, and when completed, you can either leave them plain and simple, or add small details for more design. That can mean hanging fairy light, or pinning Polaroid pictures. To create these beautiful head boards you will have to go to a Home Depot or Michaels to purchase the items listed, starting with my favorite one.

A light wash wood scheme that’ll look great in light color schemes with a hint of more darker objects for the room. 

 To succeed in crafting this incredibly, quirky headboard you can follow these 3 easy steps below:

Step 1: Organzine each piece of wood into a rectangle looking shape. Make them face long ways.

Step 2: Glue the first piece of wood at the top of the wood to another piece of wood. 

Step 3: Continue to do this until you reached glueing all the pieces. 

EXTRA: If you want to throw a hint of style, add 2 pieces of wood to both ends of the head board. 


  • Gorilla glue
  • Light tone pieces of wood, about 15
  • Nails & hooks
  • Measurement tape

After you are completely done glueing all the pieces together you can let them dry for about an hour or 2, just to make sure the glue is completely dried up and ready to go you can hang it over your bed with some hooks and nails. Make sure you use a measurement tape to get the nails straight across! If you would like to add more razzle dazzle to your head board, you can hang fairy lights or more larger bulb string of lights across or light bulbs on the sides. Whatever way you please! You can either hang some Polaroids all over or just leave it plan and simple, and still cute! This goes for all of the head boards, you may decorate it as you please!

The second headboard, also a cute one! Is this more darker tone wood that can go with the color schemes you see blow, which are the colors of a wave, including different tones of blues and salmon.

Step 1: Purchase dark wood pieces around 30

Step 2: Lay out all the pieces and double up on each piece of wood, so stack a piece of wood on top of another piece of wood and glue that together.

Step 3: After doing that to each piece, you can now glue the sides of the pieces together with the other pieces of wood

Step 4: Let dry for 2 or more hours just because you are dealing with more glue this time

& TA DAAAA! You have created this headboard! Decorate your board as you wish, and don’t forget the measurement tape, when nailing this to the wall!

 For my last and final DIY headboard I am bringing to you maybe the trickiest one to make, but definitely the cutest if you ask me. It is a distress wood that can have color schemes of greens, cream, golds, pinks/salmon, etc. The headboard is designed like zig zags on the sides but in the final look, it is so stylish and trendy.

In achieving in this DIY follow the steps below:

Step 1: Purchase about 10 pieces of wood

Step 2: Glue the side of the wood but leave a small space without the glue on one side of the wood pieces. 

Step 3: After you leave that to dry glue another part of the side of the wood but this time make it even with the first piece so it’s a continuous pattern. Starting with the first pieces of wood count every other down and those should be even, while the other 5 are pushed over some and even with each other. 

Step 4: Let dry for at least a day so it absolutely okay to hang just because these are more wider and heavier pieces of wood. 


  • 10 pieces of wood 
  • Gorilla glue
  • Nails & Hooks
  • Measurement tape  

(All 3 of these DIYS have pretty much the same materials, the only thing different is the wood type.

I hope you enjoyed these gorgeous, fun, DIYs that will leave your room feeling so cozy and cute. Crafting these head boards will be so fun and fresh because sometimes building something yourself is such a good way to spend your time and to stay creative achieve an artistic hand. After you are finish making the headboards of your choice, put it on your wall, step back and see how incredible the final reveal is; and remember by decorating the headboard with the following: lights, polaroids, flowers, paintings, etc. It will add more style and an innovative feel to the whole room! 

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