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DIY Vans

Creating a design on a pair of fabric shoes can be quite a challenge. Putting some ideas together to come up with what you want on your shoe, that’ll be permanent, can take some time with lots of thinking. Putting something out there that your passionate about or that is easy for you can make thinking of a design much easier. In this article I will be explaining some steps on how easy and simple it is to turn a plain boring pair of white vans into something creative and cute that everyone will love. Whether you’re just throwing a few patterns on or making something bigger out of what you love, it’s that easy.

Starting off with your DIY shoes, you’re gonna need plain white vans, which you can purchase at any local shoe store such as Kicks USA or even Famous Footwear. The first few steps in getting your fabulous DIY shoes to look the way you want would be getting the materials which are listed below:


  • White Vans 
  • Pencils 
  • Stencils (if needed)
  • Paint Fabric Markers

After you’ve gotten the materials you can start off with your steps to getting your DIY shoe look which are stated below:

Step 1: Trace out in pencil the design of your choice onto the plain shoe before going in with any permanent color.

Step 2: Outline the traced design in pencil with a permanent fabric marker color of your choice

Step 3: Fill in the design with the rest of the color of your choice 

Step 4: Cover the shoe with a protective gloss, that way, the color won’t runoff. 

After you’ve finished putting together your fabulous DIY Vans, wear and show them off to all of your friends! This project is easy and simple for everyone and fun activity to do as a group with your friends!

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