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Womens Entrepreneurship Day

Women’s Entrepreneurship Day is held in Philadelphia on every 12th of November. This nonprofit organization recognizes hard working women and gives them a chance to discuss with and observe one another. This is the 2nd year Bloom has attended the event. We would describe it as nothing less than an amazing, thought-stimulating opportunity to connect with and speak to other great women entrepreneurs.

This year, we had the privilege of having two representatives from Bloom speak at the event. Kaitlyn Stone and Rebecca Corosanite were given the opportunity of creating a presentation and educating the other entrepreneurs in attendance on what Bloom is and what our goals are. We are extremely proud of our girls and hope to be given this chance again next year in order for Bloom to continue growing.

Aside from giving our presentation, we were able to take part in interviews to encourage young women entrepreneurs and network with an array of women with their own startup businesses, that we may be working with very soon. The women we had the privilege to speak to at this event specialize in everything from the culinary arts to photography and so much more. We were able to discuss our businesses together and share tips and tricks that will help us with our success. Bloom is  extremely thankful for all the support received at the event and we hope to see everyone again soon!

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