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Seasonal Products for Thirsty Curls

Fall is sneaking up on us fast, and with it some chilly weather! We all know what that means though, dry hair and brittle curls. Beat that breeze this fall with some of our favorite products, perfect for maintaining flowy, strong curls through this tough season. My hair is a mix of curly and wavy, with some crazy frizz and these products work great with my hair type. Feel free to mix and match these products with your classic favorites to find a routine that best suits your locks!

The key to the dry months is keeping your hair hydrated, which can be accomplished with the use of masks and leave in conditioners! We recommend you use these in union with some other amazing styling products to help to showcase your luscious, flowy curls. Here are some of the amazing products we recommend to achieve that naturally flawless look, which as an added bonus, are super affordable!





Cantu Shea Butter Grow Strong Strengthening Treatment is a great way to maintain strong hair. Applying this product daily before bed will help define curls for reduced frizz and protect from heat damage.

I put this through my hair starting at the ends and working my way to the roots.

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Hollywood Beauty Super Gro is a great mask and deep conditioner, and will leave you with the softest, bounciest curls ever. Not only this, but it helps to promote hair growth! During the cold months this product is our go to deep conditioner and mask, and were sure it will soon be yours, too!

I apply this product in the shower or before bed starting in the driest sections of my hair and working it through. After a quick rinse, I find my locks noticeably more shiny and soft! Couldn’t be easier!

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Leave-in conditioner is a must to get any brush or comb through the knots of curly hair. Currently, our go to is the Bella Curls Coconut Whipped Creme Leave-In Conditioner. This product allows the brush/comb to glide through curls, and is another frizz buster!

I take a generous amount of this product and spread it evenly through my entire head and then brush and style normally. Bonus, this product smells absolutely amazing!

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Our recent favorite for styling is the L.U.S Love Ur Curls third step all in one product, but definitely has it’s quirks. Aside from the fact that your hair has to be nearly soaked in order for this product to work, it’s affects are nothing short of a miracle. Definitely worth the hassle!

I’ve found that applying a quarter-sized amount of product into my hair right after the shower provides the best result! Another tip is to scrunch the product in through your hair.

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We hope these products help you make peace with your curls through fall! Thanks so much for reading and be sure to check back soon for more tips and tricks for maintaining your locks!





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