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How to Edit Like Your Favorite Instagram Influencers

We all have a favorite instagram model, influencer, or youtube who’s feeds were obsessed with. In a time where fame comes in the filter you apply to your photos, being eager to recreate famous feeds is a given. Unlocking the key to success via these stars isn’t always simple though, so we decided to do the hard work for you! Look no further to find out the secret to editing your instagram photos like some of our favorite influencers!


While Lightroom is completely free on a mobile device, some preset packs recommended in this article do have a cost. Likewise, the recommended VSCO app is free, with some paid features. This article is not sponsored or affiliated officially in any way with any brand, company, or person.

The raw photos used for reference in the screen recorded portions are my own, so feel free to visit my Instagram page for more!

CLICK HERE, @katieestone

Ava Jules

Starting off with a young, relatable, youtube queen, Ava Jules! I know what you’re thinking, it’s easy to post popular pictures when you live on an island. As true as this may be, we’ve found a way to make your backyard look just as vacay worthy!

Youtuber Ava Jule’s feed has taken a drastic turn in her feed in the last few weeks. Before, her very exposed, pink-tinted pictures mirrored something of the eldest Ovard’s, Aspyn. More recently, her pictures have taken a new direction, with the individual colors being highlighted, and the contrast visibly increasing. If you’re obsessed with her new editing style, then a quick trip into the free VSCO app is in your future! 

Tutorial here:

Make sure when editing these photos to stay within the C and E filter sections of VSCO to keep a color theme prominent in your pictures!

To achieve her old feed, we recommend jumping on over into the free mobile Lightroom app. To a first time user this app can look terrifying, I mean, where are the filters! Have no fear though, achieving this look is way easier than you think!

Tutorial here:

Instagram: @avajules_

Youtube:  Ava Jules





Hannah Meloche

Next in line is another young favorite dominating the Youtube scene, Hannah Meloche! Her trendy aesthetic is second to none, especially when it comes to the overall look and layout of her feed.

Her pictures and editing style represent that of an endless summer in the sunshine with friends. While you might not be able to recreate those moments, you’ll surely be able to recreate her colorful feed by following the tutorial below! For this tutorial, we’re going to stay in VSCO.

Lucky for us, Hannah filmed her own editing tutorial in May of this year, and is still relevant to he current editing style! For a tutorial from the queen herself, click here

Instagram: @hannahmeloche

Youtube: Hannah Meloche (main)





Kristin Johns

Kristin’s feed is an insta-influencer classic. The exposure levels, mixed with the overall orangey tone of the photo creates the perfect wash to put on any photo!

Since it’s such a cult classic filter, there’s multiple options in recreating this look. The easiest is to buy this mobile Lightroom preset pack here. Alternatively though for you VSCO fiends, you can follow this simple tutorial below!

I’ll only be providing a video tutorial for the VSCO option, as the Lightroom presets should come with a precise how-to!

Tutorial here:

Instagram: @kristinjohns

Youtube: Kristen Johns





Aspyn Ovard

Aspyn’s bubblegum pink life gives us all the feels! Her pinkey-toned wash gives her blonde locks the perfect highlight, and compliments blue eyes in a way we didn’t know a filter could! If you’ve been dying to copy her feed, then look no further!

Aspyn has been one of the few to make recreating her look east by releasing her own preset pack available to download here! Follow the instruction she provides for an easy to download, easy to use filter pack! You’ll need lightroom for this

Since I don’t personally own this preset pack, I would suggest simply downloading her presets following her instructions. Remember to play with different elements of the photo (exposure, contrast, etc.) after adding a preset to make sure it bests suits the picture!

Instagram: @aspynovard

Youtube: Aspyn Ovard





Kelsey Simone

Kelsey has been blowing up since the infamous Fiji Dote trip, but she was #trending long before. There’s more than freckles and curly hair to this star’s look, and you can easily recreate it here!

This look is easy to create using VSCO or Lightroom, but I will be using the Lightroom mobile application without any presets for this tutorial! 

Tutorial here:

Instagram: @k.els.e.y

Youtube: Kelsey Simone

Thanks so much for reading/watching, don’t forget to share this article with your bestie, and follow our Instagram at @bloom_media for more daily content!

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